Shanghai Pulifa Housing Industry Co., Ltd.

Focused on  technology research and development and  engineering construction of fabricated buildings, Shanghai Pulifa Housing Industry Co., Ltd. is a PC building industrial manufacturing enterprise jointly established by Shanghai Yunzhu Investment Co., Ltd(a subsidiary  of Shanghai Building Materials (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Xian Dai Artectural Design (Group) Co., Ltd.) , and Shanghai Zibao Industrial Investment Co., Ltd.(a subsidiary of  Baoye Group Company Limited).

The company adopts technology of full-automatic production line to produce laminated floor slabs and inner wall panels, and use automatic concrete distribution spreader and high-efficiency vibrating equipment for concreting  process. The automatic control of the curing technique ensures the quality of precast concrete products and the building safety of the applied products. Taking full advantage of the complementary advantages of the three shareholders in materials, design and construction, the company will build a large-scale building industrialization production base in Shanghai area, complete an influential building industrialization demonstration base in China, and establish a national technology center with technological advantages.

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