Shanghai Bright Intelligent Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.

As a large-scale professional curtain wall builder and service provider with integrated industrial chain, Shanghai Bright Intelligent Curtain Wall Co., Ltd. are specializing in building exterior wall decoration, providing one-stop service for product research and development, engineering design, precision manufacturing, installation and construction, and lifelong maintenance.

Adhering to the vision of "dream create the future" and the enterprise philosophy of "being a leading company in the industry", the company  launched the service brand of "wall butler" and devote itself to providing 360-degree all-round services for building curtain walls such as rapid repair, inspection, maintenance and reconstruction services. Through the establishment of the CIMS (Curtain Information & Management System), which is based on BIM technology and integrates GIS information and big data analysis, the company has become a system service provider of providing existing curtain wall data analysis, financial services and maintenance and rescue. It is one of the five emergency rescue units designated by Shanghai Emergency Rescue Office, accepts emergency rescue allocation within the whole city and  full authorization from three districts of Shanghai to carry out special supervision and inspection services for existing curtain walls in the whole district. In the future development, the wall butler will continue to explore and improve, striving to become the initiator and leader of the existing curtain wall market and the builder of the integrated ecological platform for the existing curtain wall to protect the safety of buildings.

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